In the course of its almost 45 years’ experience, Vergaengineering carried out many projects for revamping of existing units, considering the following main type of revamping activities:

  • Standard Revamping Projects (including replacement of burners, coils, etc.)
  • Major Revamping Projects (including addition of APH system, new convection section to cope with increased duty, etc.)
  • Full Replacement Projects.

Revamping can provide improved efficiency, lower emissions, higher availability and lower maintenance costs.

Vergaengineering gained extensive experience in this field of activity, always committed to evaluate possible solutions satisfying Clients' requirements and projects constraints, such as:

  • Limited turnaround time (see modular construction solutions)
  • Limitation in plot area
  • Request to re-use existing equipment and foundations
  • Compliance with local regulations.
Standard Revamping Projects
Major Revamping Projects
Full Replacement Projects
3D Laser Scanning

Scanning is used for survey purposes and has been proven to be particularly useful in case of retrofit projects, revamps and expansion of existing plants. 3D Laser Scanning can minimize the cost of difficult and long lasting field measurement techniques. This, especially when as-built drawings of old plants have been lost and/or are out of date.