Vergaengineering SpA is specialised in the design, engineering, fabrication, supply and erection of Fired Heaters and related equipment for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. In its range of products, crude heaters, charge heaters, platforming, topping, vacuum, visbreaker, bitumen, hydrofining heaters, HDS heaters, regeneration gas, and all kind of Fired Heaters for general refinery services.

Fired Heaters Duties are in the range from below 1MW up to 100MW as per project’s requirement.

Vergaengineering with its qualified staff and sophisticated design and process computer programmes is capable of handling any complex issue related to heat transmission and combustion control, heat recovery systems, emissions reduction and noise attenuation.

In particular, Vergaengineering has the capability to perform thermal design of all kind of Fired Heaters, customised to the Client’s requests in terms of duty, efficiency, pressure drop, etc. Fired Heaters design, are typically developed according to API Std. 560 (ISO13705) and applicable standards/specifications. In-house simulation programs are used together with the following programs: FRNC-5 Simulation Software (PFR) and Win Heat Thermal Rating & Design Software.

Vergaengineering supplies complete Fired Heater packages, including combustion air pre heaters, FD and ID fans, feed pumps, connecting piping and instrumentation as required. In addition, Vergaengineering designs and supplies skids for fuel conditioning and combustion control and BMS (Burner Management Systems), minimizing risks, ensuring top quality and providing high reliability of the complete heater package, guaranteeing long-lasting trouble-free operation availability. When required, the Fired Heaters are specifically designed in consideration of site constrains (including plot areas limitations, necessity to use existing stack or existing foundations, etc.). Vergaengineering can perform complete turn-key projects, including design, fabrication and supply, transport, civil activities, site construction (mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation) upto commissioning and start-up.

Vergaengineering provides also Waste Heat Recovery Units, Gas Incinerators, special Boilers and Indirect Heaters.