Vergaengineering S.p.A. is specialized in the design, engineering, fabrication, supply, and erection of Fired Heaters (FHs) and related equipment for the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

We can design and supply FHs suitable to the entire range of process services, such as crude heaters, charge heaters, platforming, topping, vacuum, bitumen, hydrofining heaters, hydrodesulfurisation (HDS) heaters, regeneration gas, etc.

The FHs’ duties we manage range from below 1 MW up to 100 MW, based on each project’s requirement.

We supply FHs’ complete packages, including combustion air preheaters, Forced Draft (FD) and Induced Draft (ID) fans, feed pumps, connecting piping, and related instrumentation.

In addition, we design and supply skids for fuel conditioning and combustion control, as well as Burner Management Systems (BMSs) to help minimize risks, ensure quality, and provide the reliability of the heater’s complete package, thus guaranteeing long-lasting trouble-free operation.