For over five decades, we have been carrying out many revamping projects of existing units to improve their efficiency by lowering their emissions and maintenance costs. Among them we range:

  • Standard revamping projects to replace burners, coils, etc.
  • Major revamping projects to add air preheating systems and new convection sections to manage increased duty, etc.
  • Full replacement projects.

We gained extensive experience in this activity and have always been committed to evaluating possible solutions to meet Clients' requirements and projects constraints, such as:

Standard Revamping Projects
Major Revamping Projects
Full Replacement Projects
3D Laser Scanning

Scanning is used for survey purposes and has proven to be particularly useful in retrofit and revamping projects, as well as for expansions of existing plants. 3D Laser Scanning can minimize the cost of difficult and long-lasting field measurements, particularly when as-built drawings of old plants are no longer available and/or are out of date.