Vergaengineering with its qualified staff and sophisticated design and process tools is capable of providing a wide range of services related to Fired Heaters.
In particular, thanks to its extensive and long lasting experience, Vergaengineering can provide all required services and activities aimed to improve and optimize performance and reliability, reduce energy consumptions and related emissions to air, increase the operators competencies and consequently overall safety.

With special regards to operating plants, Vergaengineering can provide Full Assessments of existing Fired Heaters as follows:

  • Heater performances verifications: comprehensive assessments of existing Fired Heaters to check current operating performances and identify possible upgrades to recover original design conditions. This task is generally done through site visits to collect data, assess physical conditions and identify possible areas of concern, process simulations with software models, identification of possible upgrades and feasibility evaluations.
  • Training: training sessions for heaters operators and maintenance personnel can be provided by VE. Training covers aspects such as heater control and operation, safety aspects, burner regulation, inspections etc. Training are generally done in classrooms and are always including selected case studies based on VE past experience.
  • Heater inspection and testing: preparation of detailed plans for execution of inspection on heater package (including but not solely pressure parts, refractory, burners, instruments, fans, fuel train) including witnessing of inspections and assistance in subsequent actions.
  • Heater assessment of automation and instrumentation: assessment of existing heater package with regards to instruments, fuel skids and UCP, BMS or DCS. This, in order to asses overall safety and/or to verify compliance to API 556 of NFPA or any other applicable code.
  • Heater revamping study: based on Client requirements, VE can evaluate revamping works on existing units to reach operating performances different from those of original design for optimisation of the process, increase of efficiency and/or reduce emissions to air. Common revamping solutions include installation of combustion air pre heating unit, new design of convection section or installation of high performing burners.