We developed our proprietary software named VEDYNSIM® to simulate the dynamic transient conditions of a Fired Heater (FH) and help predict the dynamic response to cyclic operation of any FHs.

VEDYNSIM® can be used to simulate any non-steady-state condition, like cyclic operations, conditions during the heater’s start-up and shutdown, or any upset conditions in which some physical parameters are suddenly changed.

For heaters operating under cyclic conditions – such as Regeneration Gas Heaters –, VEDYNSIM® provides temperature and draft profiles over the cyclic operation to verify the heater’s required ramp-up time and provide the inputs for the fatigue analysis of its main structural components.

VEDYNSIM® was developed integrally in-house and was then validated by the Politecnico of Milan, through analyses and comparison of our internal results with real data recorded on site.