Long operational life, good performances, and minimum downtimes of fired heater packages are ensured through proper operation, adequate maintenance, as well as the availability of spare parts.

Through our dedicated post-sale team with extensive experience, we can assist our Clients also in their need for spare parts (SPs). Employing our in-house databases and drawings from past projects, we can easily identify damaged parts or parts to be supplied as spare, thus shortening the time needed for procurement and supply.

SPs can be provided for all ranges of direct fired heaters (FHs) and packages. Such parts include: coil materials, refractory, castings but also parts of burners, fans, instrumentation, fuel distribution lines, automation and control systems.

All the SPs we supply are designed and fabricated according to strict quality control, and inspection standards, and are delivered with applicable certificates such as ATEX, PED, and CE.

Moreover – and based on the final destination – they can be supplied with certifications required by local regulations such as GOSTs related rules in Russia and the Republics of the former USSR.

In case a specific SP is out of production or not in stock, we can select and offer alternatives ensuring the same or better performance than the original ones.

We can also assist our Clients in investigating and identifying the root causes of damaged FH packages' parts and prepare instructions and training for the personnel operating the heaters to avoid or reduce the failures’ frequency.